Hey! My name is Z,

I’m an entrepreneur, game developer, public speaker, researcher, and a tea fanatic. Founder of Serenity Forge, let’s grab tea sometime!


About Me

Hey! My name is Z and I’m the founder of Serenity Forge, a video game development and publishing company located in Boulder, Colorado. I built my first PC when I was 6, and programmed my first game when I was 10. Since then, I’ve always had a passion for exploring the power of interactive media.

I believe that the video game medium is still in its infancy, and I wish to push the industry forward, building interactive experiences that inspire art, foster education, promote health, and facilitate business operations.

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My TEDx talk on how video games will save our world

Zhenghua Yang (Z) is an entrepreneur, speaker, researcher, and the founder of the value-driven video game development company, Serenity Forge (http://serenityforge.com). Having built his first computer at the age of 6 and programmed his first video game at the age of 10, Z wanted more and began exploring gamification, developing his first meaningful game in 2000. Since then, Z had created video games that saved peoples’ lives by preventing suicide, taught kids rocket science without them knowing, and inspired gamers to turn enemies into friends. Z holds many awards in business and design; his games have reached fans around the world and have been exhibited at museums such as the Smithsonian Institution.

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Zhenghua Yang (Z) woke up one night, choking on his own blood. His platelet count had dropped below fatal levels and doctors gave him only two hours to live. But Z survived. He spent two full years hospitalized, feeling lost and hopeless until video games brought him to a new sense of purpose and a community of friends. Now he develops his own video games to explore their potential to teach, inspire, and yes: save lives.

Video games can be so much more than just games. We believe that they can become a vital part of art, culture, and education. Ultimately, we are in the business of improving people’s lives.

Serenity Forge

Interactive experiences that challenge the way you think.

We are an independent video game development studio, comprised of passionate game developers who seek to create meaningful experiences through our games and services.

With every game we make, we want you to experience something special. Live through a near-death experience, explore the physics of the universe, unite all your enemies into one, and empower yourself to find true freedom.

We also love to team up with other game developer friends and teams to publish their amazing games.

Serenity Forge, based in Colorado, U.S., aims to bring value to your life by creating meaningful interactive experiences that challenge the way you think. We pride ourselves in the care and dedication we put into our work, whether that be our own IPs or those of our collaborators.

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